Project Description

Chino’s Best Motorcycle Repair Shop

We love to ride and we love helping you stay on the road.  Our motorcycle repair service is at the heart of what we love to do here at Raw Customs.  We keep all sizes of motorcycle tires in stock.  We carry a whole array of parts and accessories.  We can fix any bike, any year and any model.  From classic Harleys to high-speed street bikes to modern dirt bikes, our technicians are experienced in all levels of service and repair.

Motorcycle Shop Fees:

  • Diagnostic Services: Starts at $65

  • Oil Change: Starts at $99

  • Tire Mounting and Balancing: Starts at $69

  • Custom Parts Design: $89/hour

  • Custom Parts Machining: $125/hour

  • Clutch Adjustment: $75/hour + parts

  • Carb Tuning: $75/hour + parts