May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. It is an ideal time for drivers of full-sized vehicles to remember to LOOK FOR BIKES and review how they can stay safe around the motorcyclists out there on the highways.

Look for Bikes!

At Raw Customs, we want all our customers to stay safe out there on the road.  We are advocates of safety gear for bikers, but even the most prepared rider is still depending on the drivers around the to be careful so that everyone has a safe trip.

As seasons change and there are more and more bikers out of the highways, it is important for driver to be aware of the motorcyclists on the road around them.  Here in the Prescott area, the icy winter weather often keeps bikers off the roads, but from March through October, Arizona is ideal place for motorcycles to ride!

For a biker on the road, even a minor accident can be potentially deadly.  Let’s work together to keep everyone out there safe and enjoying this great state we live in.  Here are a 9 ways that help keep everyone safe on the road.

9 Ways to Help Bikers Stay Safe on the Road During Motorcycle Awareness Month

  1. Put your cell phone away while you drive. Consider keeping your cell phone in the glove compartment so it does not become a distraction.
  2. Never Drive Under the Influence. “Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) puts both motorcyclists and other vehicles at risk for serious consequences. Alcohol is the biggest factor in motorcycle-related fatalities.” -Lauren Sandford, Consumer Advocate,
  3. Give a motorcycle extra room and extra time. It’s easy to misjudge a motorcycle’s speed and distance. Most motorcycle accidents happen from automobiles rear-ending motorcycles. For automobiles, this could result in a minor fender bender, but for motorcycles, a rear end collision could be fatal.
  4. Always adjust your mirrors properly before driving and check your blind spots. A motorcycle can easily hide in a vehicle’s blind spot. Check blind spots by physically turning around and looking before changing lanes.
  5. Are you teaching a teen how to drive? Talk with young and inexperienced drivers to always look out for motorcycles. Make sure they understand that a fender bender for them could be fatal for someone riding a motorcycle.
  6. Check behind the car before opening the door to exit a parked car, especially in areas with heavy traffic. Always look behind the car before opening a door.
  7. Use special caution in areas with road construction. Motorcyclists can’t navigate road hazards as easily as full-sized vehicles. A small change in the grade of a road or a sudden stop can throw a motorcyclist.
  8. Watch for hand signals and don’t rely on a motorcycle’s turn signals. Turn signals on a motorcycle are very small and sunlight at the right angle can render turn signals invisible.
  9. Provide safe space during bad weather. Especially during the Arizona monsoon season, motorcyclists have a tougher time handling the oil and debris on pavement, so give them extra room to maneuver. Follow at a further distance to make sure it’s possible to maintain a cushion of space.

Raising awareness of the presence of motorcyclists on the road is crucial for everyone’s safety.

Stay safe out there so all of us can enjoy the open roads!