Are you planning on customizing or restoring your motorcycle? Here in the Prescott area, lots of bikers are going with powder coat instead of paint. Here at RAW Customs, we believe powder coat is superior to paint. If you are trying to decide between paint versus powder coat, here are some reasons why we prefer powder coating:


Powder Coat is More Durable than Paint

Powder coating is a whole lot more durable than any paint job. Chemically adhered using heat, there is a chemical reaction that produces a thick and virtually indestructible surface. Powder coating is often used in industrial applications because of its resilience.


You’ll Experience Less Chipping with Powder Coat

No one wants to pay out big bucks for a paint job only to discover it has chipped a in a few months. Because of its strength and toughness, powder coat does not chip near as easily as paint. This ensures long-lasting splendor.


Powder Coating Requires Less Maintenance than Paint

Powder coating does not require a lot of effort to maintain its beauty. Nor does it demand any special solvents or cleaning solutions. Because it is resistant to damage and corrosion powder coating needs only to be occasionally wiped down with mild soapy water for most dirt.


Oh, the Colors!

The paint versus powder coat decision often comes down to the choice of colors.  Did you know that we carry hundreds of powder coat colors at Raw?  The versatility of powder coating allows for some real creativity for the look of your bike. A vast selection of colors is available and can be mixed to set your motorcycle apart from all others. An endless variety of thicknesses, finishes, and textures is also possible.


Powder Coat is More Friendly to the Environment

Unlike coats of paint, powder coatings don’t need solvents to maintain the coating suspension. Paint products and solvents contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They are emitted as gases from some of the solids and liquids contained in paints. These can be detrimental to health and the environment. And. Because of the nature of powder coating, there is no waste of resources from spills and spray like there is from paint.


“Talk to Us…”

If you are trying to decide between paint versus powder coat, then come talk to us!  We offer both paint and powder coating services, and we’ll help you choose the best option for your project and your budget.  While you are cruising in the Quad-Cities, stop in Chino Valley and visit us In our 5,000-square-foot shop. We’ll help you with ideas to make your bike the talk of the town, a unique powder-coat colored creation. You may even decide to let us build you a custom cycle designed to your specs. Or, if you have some miscellaneous pieces or parts you want sandblasted and powder coated, our experts are on it!