We enjoy every ride, and we love our bikes. But sometimes we just forget to keep them up with a regular maintenance schedule. Motorcycle enthusiasts here in Prescott are becoming more and more aware of the importance of motorcycle maintenance.

The Basics of Motorcycle Maintenance for Safety

A well-maintained bike gives every rider a sense of security on the road or trail. For safety’s sake every bike owner needs to be on top of these steps:

  • Tire pressure
  • Oil level
  • Steering components
  • Both front and rear wheel bearings
  • Motor inspection
  • Suspension
  • Brakes (pads and brake calipers)
  • Steering condition

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“Cleaning for Well-Being”

Did you know that keeping your motorcycle clean will help you to protect you on your rides. Yes, you may not have considered this, but regular and thorough cleaning will help you to spot problems you might have overlooked. Regular cleaning will:

  • Enable you to see worn-out and damaged parts.
  • Identify loose brake calipers.
  • Remind you to clean air filters.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Digging Deeper into Motorcycle Maintenance

Once you have taken care of the basics and cleaned your bike, the next steps are helpful both for safety, and to preserve the value of your bike. Of course, the experts at RAW Customs in Chino Valley can cover all of these if you wish. Here, then, are the steps for digging deeper into bike care:

  • Change tires and/or if needed.
  • Replace worn grips.
  • Check for cracked rims and replace as needed.
  • Make sure brake discs are in good condition and straight.
  • Lubricate pins strip the calipers.
  • Change brake fluid at appropriate intervals.

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We’ll Take Care of It!

You may want some extra goodies to add to your safety and to enhance the value of your bike. We’ll take care of these for you:

  • Applying your favorite decals and stickers
  • Deep cleaning and polishing
  • Adding LED lights for your safety and the safety of others
  • Addition of a rear-view camera
  • Installation of aftermarket parts

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