Best Motorcycle Rides in Arizona: Springtime headed into summer makes for some of the greatest biking fun of the year. Here in Prescott it is getting warm yet still a bit breezy. Let’s explore some of the best motorcycle rides in the Great State of Arizona.

Coronado Trail

Bill Belei tracks the feedback from millions of Arizona riders on According to Belei, the very best ride in AZ is the Coronado Trail, from Clifton to Springerville. Resting in the central-eastern part of Arizona, this is an outstanding ride due to the splendor across 118 miles of a winding route with little traffic. The Coronand Trail boasts of a great range of variety of rich scenery.

Cottonwood Canyon Run

If you like both red-rock landscapes and beautiful pines, the Cotton Canyon Run is for you! Just take US-60 from Phoenix to Wickenburg. When you get north of Wickenburg, look for US-93, and contine northward on AZ-89. You will pass through Congress, up to Yarnell, and through Peeples Valley into Prescott. Simply gorgeous.

Lupton to Holbrook

“Get your kicks on Route 66.” Chris Becker, at, likes to ride from the Painted Cliffs Welcome Center in Lupton past the striking vistas of the famous Painted Desert. Head west, detour to Petrified National Forest if you don’t mind a $20 per motorcycle fee. (It is well worth it!). You will view fossils that are 200 million years old.

Superior, Winkleman, Globe Triangle

The sweet ride from Globe, through Winkelman and onto Superior is mighty fine. State Routes 77 and 177 take you along the beautiful banks of the Gila River. You will pass through many small mountains, with old mining towns, some long-abandoned, while others are still prospering.

Flagstaff to Sedona

89A is just a super road for bikers. If you want respite from the summer heat, cool off and head north. Enjoy a roller coaster ride full of breathtaking rock formations, greenery, and a plethora of animals. The road is the 28-mile-long Highway 89A from Sedona to Flagstaff.

Tucson to Old Tucson Studios

If you would like to explore the southern parts of Arizona, start at Tucson and head west. Cruise by the now-defunct movie-making landmark, Old Tucson. The short and easy ride out along Gates Pass Road, guiding you through rolling hills packed with the native wildlife of southern Arizona.

“You Dream It, We Build It!”

While you are cruising in the Prescott area, stop in Chino Valley and visit out In our 5,000 square foot Chino Valley shop. You may decide to let us build you a custom cycle designed to your specs. Or, if you have some pieces you want sandblasted and powder coated, our experts will do the job.